Our Organic Milk Mission

Forest Farm is an award winning organic dairy, home to our small herd of happy organic cows who have the freedom to roam and graze on lush green pastures, just as nature intended! 

Our certified organic farm is also home to Scotland's first milk vending machines, established to provide our local community with the opportunity to buy milk from the cows they see grazing on their doorstep, as fresh as it can be! 

As Scotland’s longest established organic dairy, we believe our organic milk is the most pure and natural you can find, all the way from grass to glass.  It is gently pasteurised right here on farm in our brand new facility to maximise freshness and non-homogenised (unprocessed) to preserve its natural goodness.  This means the cream rises to the top - a dream for the person lucky enough to open the bottle!  If you prefer whole milk simply shake, twist and enjoy! 

We don't use any chemical fertilisers, pesticides, herbicides or GM feeds – not on our girls watch! Instead we work with nature and apply the highest welfare standards to ensure the whole farm works in harmony, year after year.  It’s a chain of goodness that begins with healthy soil, and finishes with healthy cows, milk and people. 


Our wonderfully fresh organic milk, organic yogurt, handcrafted artisan gelato and sorbet has no food miles and is available between 6.30 am and 8 pm every day.  You can even fill up with organic milk using one of our reusable glass bottles. It's no wonder people are calling our milk the cream of Aberdeen! 

Covid-19 update: We have social distancing measures and hand washing facilities in place. Due to social distancing and to ensure the safety of our customers we are unable to offer 'milking live' in the afternoon.  We look forward offering this experience in the future... our girls do love to put on a show! Thank you for your understanding. 

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Contact the Herd

Forest Farm, Kinellar, Aberdeen, AB21 0SH

Email: info@forestfarmdairy.co.uk  / Tel: 07761726132

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